Strumming Some Heartstrings

Friday, May 21, 2010
Everything comes NATUALLY:) at 9:50 PM

The brendalic

Hey ppl:)today is the most special day!!!you know why?cuz i have finally know the meaning of bless and love:)well...its a long story!

Helena bestie,Wx and Bc came all the way to my house to study.yup!and so we thot!haha!we played frisbee and table tennis to chill out.Not literally,cuz we did our revision outside instead of in the function room...hais.but other than that,everything seems great!haha!i realised i have never been as happy and free till today!haha!

After our sports and revision,we ate our dinner at ajisen then watch Shrek Forever after:)Its v nice and interesting:)

Tts all Folks.
*Im so glad i solved my access combo box prob!Yay!
you know you love me

Saturday, May 15, 2010
SCHOOL!ITs stress but it still ROX:) at 6:12 PM

The brendalic

Hey ppl...yup finally a post after like a month!haha!sry was bz finishing my assignment and homework.I cant believe this 4 weeks of school i can fall ill twice(i am having a fever now) and twisted my ankle.i know i know...clumsy me rite?
hais...actually its all my frens effort trying to accommodate the handicapped me.Im reali touched:)Thanks Groupies!haha! doing econs hw now!BOO!yaya...but at least my mkting and Biz software projects are almost progressing well am i?haha!
I cant w8 to work man!earn some $ and stuff.i miss that kinda feeling.

upcoming events:

1)Mon:stay back to finish up Biz software project!
2)Tues:Going out with my senior for treat:)
3)Wed:Biz stats Project discussion.
you know you love me

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The brendalic

Hey guys!orientation is awesome!the games,my classmates and the OGLS...(realise i highlighted the ogls)LOL!hmm...the 1st day was only ok.The waiting time was more than the playing time.but but but...the Ogls tried their best to find activities for us to do.The mass dance the SBM did tgt is an eye opener and is surprisingly fun.LOL! I dunno wat the song name is but its Japanese.reminds me of Para Para Sakura song.haha!

Let me tell you more bout my class...the most outstanding info is tt thr are 22 Girls and only 6 boys.(ok,at least its better than none).and they are v gentleman!QJ!reminds me of u...not the exact replica tho cuz your still the best:)but i can say tt i feel v welcomed in this class cuz we r juz so bonded:)Im juz so blessed man!hmm...on thurs we have dry games.Mostly icebreakers game ba.Not bad esp the rearranging of the birthdate and height on the bench.super fun!esp all of us are so N2 and cooperative.

On fri...we had water games but only 16 of us came.but we still had funX)
We won 5/6 of the games.and and and thr are only half the class wor.Fantstic rite?whats most interesting is that we get to watch a Talent show from the SBM.super cool!thrs this girl who sang baby by Justin bieber(she got 3rd),this girl who sang reflection by Christina Aguilara(2nd) and lastly this super cool guy who can Beatbox and dance Hip hop all in one.and of course,he got 1st:)hmm...wats outstanding is tt my Ogls are v sociable and fun to b with...and one of them reali looked like Bei Yong Jun(super shuai!)haha! I think only to me ba...hehez.

ok ppl tts bout it!byebye:)
you know you love me

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
at 9:23 AM

The brendalic

Hey guys:)Ytd i went to NYP 4 registration with Zarifah!She super cute can?!Feel so shy to liet me see her student card photo.LOL:D.Wah!i can say tt our NYP student card super nice.its red in colour:)haha!I cant believe i saw WeiTing!he was in the same business school as me but he is in Business Mngt.Cool~.After the registration we walked to AMK HUB from sch for some air-con and also to buy my shampoo!haha!Hanging out with her super fun:)she kip saying i always make her laugh.And ya know...we have Mo qi,cuz we do the same stuffs and have same opinions bout things too!haha!And and and cant w8 for orientation on THURS and FRI;)haha!can see Cute Za again.

Today is a special day:)Having picnic with Zhixin!!!Yay!she bake brownies woor....(mouth-watering).haha!meeting her at 12.15 at BB interchange:)

Watching The prince turn into frog now...for the 4th time liao....still nice tho and Ming Dao so Shuai lor!

kk bye for now~
you know you love me

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
at 8:58 AM

The brendalic

Hey ppl:)went to maleka from 2-3 of april with family and relatives.I had so much fun!Bought a white local designer's top and a formal striped shorts:)hmm...then we tasted the best Nonya Laksa,Hainanese Chicken rice ball and the famous Indian Naan.We stayed in this resort like hotel which is facing the Sea.however the Sea dried up due to the weather and low tide i think:(

Clash of the Titans is awful man!dun watch it.waste money:(even tho Sam Worthington is in it:)haha!The Kraken which supposed to b the strongest Creature of all,was killed in less than 5mins.Lame i know...

Ytd,Qj and Justin went to Lot1 for Mac dinner,and called me to join them...haha!after their dinner,I went to the library to borrow some books(the guys keep laughing at me for borrowing Nancy drew books)LOL:D and the guys used Qj Lappy to play Warcraft.after tt we went to the arcade to see ppl play fighting game,haha!but less than 2mins the person K.O liao...the guys then pei me walk around for an hr till Justin times up(9.30pm curfew).So nice of them:)"Thanks so v much GUYS for spending some time to acc me!Even tho u 2 have been so bz with ur sch activities:)"

I go watch Gossip Girl season 3 ald,bye~
you know you love me

Friday, March 19, 2010

The brendalic

Yo PPL!!LOL:D.No work today and SLACKING at home...ytd so fun lor! I worked with Hilya kaka and Gemar the manager.Its his bday and i bought him a slice of Prune cake.He was like thanking me profusely with a BIG smile on his has been awhile since i seen my serious and sumtimes wacky manager smile:)hope you like the cake ya!Chat with Yujia on the phone straight after work ytd to catch up on things.oh...i do miss her to bits!We shall meet up soon enuf NJC aka GG buddy^^

hmm...why does my heart aches whenever i watched Ding Dang's Mv "I Love You".its so sad tt sumtimes things dun go ur tt special some1 who promise to spend his whole life with u betrayed ur trust.watched it and you know wat i mean.i have it in my blog...well,i got a taste of it b4..its awful when u hafta cope with the mental breakdown.But if i ever met my Mr Right in poly,why not give him a chance!besides im a stronger Brenda now.Fighting:)haha!

tts all...i will watch my beloved Gossip girl now...i Juz watched fin Season 2.whoo~


you know you love me

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
at 1:48 PM

The brendalic

HEY PPL! i juz came back from my KL trip!!Ok it was on mondaY but still recently.haha!I LOVE KL!I LOVE THE PPL AND I LOVE THE FOOD!

ytd i went out with QJ and Caleb to Plaza Singapura to celebrate Qj's bday.1st stop was to was my 1st time thr and played this 'life 4 dead 2' introduced by caleb.and and and cuz im clueless bout how to play,i sat in the middle of both Guys.LOL it indeed feels weird im being protected from harm you know.JKJK:D.Then we went to play a $8/hr pool game at POMO,next to the lan was fun at 1st but i slowly got bored as i got sleepy due to the jetlag from the KL trip.i worked morning shift tt day so it contributed to the tireness.Sry Guys! i should have told you all.then after tt we went Clarke Quey for dinner and we sat next to the river and catch up with stuff.

im at home writing this post.Juz watched 'The Lovely Bones'.Its super touching and interesting.its bout this girl got murdered by this psyco and she is trying means and ways to communicate with her family and to learn to move on.TOUHING i tell you!cried till my eyes are all swollen.LOvely storyline.of course la..its directed by Peter Jackson ma.(King Kong,The Lord of the Rings trilogy).i rate it 4.5/5:)

toodles...going to cook some noodle for lunch now!working in the evening:)
you know you love me

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